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The YCCC 劳动力 Department’s mission is to reimagine the educational experience through workforce development training so that it works better for everyone. We’re committed to working in partnership with our communities and in lockstep with our students to design the most relevant, 灵活的, 让生活更美好的体验成为可能. 我们的目标是改变学生的游戏规则, 我们所服务的公司的经济驱动力, 也是我们社区的增长引擎. 最终, we succeed when our students succeed because they have the life skills necessary to improve their quality of life and contribute to the vitality of our community.
YCCC免费培训项目是由一个 哈罗德·阿方德·格兰特 缅因州就业和复苏计划 为缅因州居民提供定制的劳动力培训补助金, 通过YCCC和缅因州的其他社区学院授课.



The Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary training program prepares Certified Dental Assistants or Registered Dental Hygienists to become more valuable team members in their office by being competent and confident in a full range of reversible procedures as prescribed by the Statutes of the State of Maine under Direct Supervision. 点击这里


The Front-of-House Workshop is a comprehensive program designed to empower new hotel and restaurant workers with the skills, 知识, 要想在酒店行业脱颖而出,需要具备良好的心态. This workshop is tailored to enhance your ability to create unforgettable guest experiences and deliver outstanding service. 点击这里


Remote Work Essentials for 专业s training gives learners the tools to be effective, 健康的, 以及高效的远程员工和混合型员工. This fully online course is self-paced and takes approximately 10 hours to complete. 它涵盖了维持健康和保健的基本工具, 评估你对远程工作的准备情况, 沟通, 团队合作和使用远程工具,如视频会议, Sharepoint, 松弛, 以及其他通讯工具. 学员成功完成课程后将获得一枚数字徽章..单击FMI


acl & 朋友的培训

This training will provide certification in Pediatric Advance Life Support and / or Advanced Cardiac Life Support. 学生可以报名参加其中一项培训,也可以同时报名参加两项培训. 点击这里


This training program is offered in partnership with Southern Maine Community College and is designed to give students, 通过讲座, 实验室, 以及临床经验, 的知识, and skills needed to provide advanced emergency medical care and transportation for patients who access the emergency medical system. 点击这里


与北缅因社区学院合作, 哪个赌钱app比较好 will be offering training for the Commercial Driver’s Class-A License. The Commercial Driving Academy is a State of Maine licensed tractor-trailer driving school. 本课程旨在训练你成为一名专业的卡车司机. You will learn exactly what it takes to be a responsible driver and how to handle a tractor and trailer safely and efficiently. 培训在缅因州认证考试中达到高潮.点击这里


所有费用由我支付 14-week accelerated program will provide you with the skills needed to enter a high-demand career as a CNC Machine Operator The 数控加工学院 is broken down into two modules containing: Machine Shop Fundamentals, 阅读蓝图, 数控原理. Students who successfully complete the program will receive their OSHA 10 Certification, HAAS铣床和车床认证, 在进入YCCC时获得9个大学学分. 点击这里


所有费用由我支付, 10-week accelerated program will provide you with the skills you need to enter a high-demand career as a Dental Assistant. 点击这里


The 急救医疗技术员 (EMT) course prepares the student to enter the realm of emergency medical services (EMS). 对于希望在救护车上工作的人员来说,EMT课程是必要的, 对消防员也有好处, 警察, 工业安全人员, 以及其他医疗保健行业. The EMT course provides the student with 的知识 to provide basic life support (BLS) to patients in cardiac arrest, 经历医疗紧急情况, 还有那些有创伤的人. 成功完成课程后, students are eligible to take the National Registry of EMT’s certification examinations.点击这里


所有费用由我支付, 9个月的速成课程将为您提供带薪, on-the-job training and mastery of Medical Assisting skills learned in the classroom at YCCC.. 点击这里


The 新库克训练营 is a 4-day accelerated training that will get you ready for a fast-paced career as a line cook. The training includes ServSafe Food Handler Certification as well as an overview of essential skills you will need as you begin your career. Know the basics of kitchen safety in the handling of equipment and moving about the kitchen. Students will learn to: identify and execute the basic precision cuts; make a stock; prep vegetables for service; make a French omelet and other egg dishes; prepare the mother
sauces and variants; execute the basic cooking methods: Sauté, 烧烤, 烤, 挖走, Braise/Stew; underst和 liaison method of thickening; and underst和 basics and have limited hands-on experience in prepping proteins: Beef, 猪肉和羊肉, 家禽, 海鲜. 点击这里


所有费用由我支付, 23-week accelerated program will provide you with the skills you need to enter a high-demand career as a 药学技术人员. The training is designed to assist students in preparing for the pharmacy technician certification examination 点击这里


Phlebotomy Technician Certification training is a hybrid of online learning and in-person labs. 实验室也将提供给学生,以提高他们的熟练程度, 让他们有时间练习实弹, 根据需要. 前ics covered in the Phlebotomy training include; Healthcare Setting and Quality Assurance; Infection Control; 安全; Medical Terminology; Anatomy Review; Circulatory System; Equipment and Procedures; Considerations and Capillary Punctures; Special Collections; Computers; Non-Blood Tests; Arterial Punctures; NHA Phlebotomy Exam Review.成功完成培训后, 学生可以参加全国健康职业协会(NHA)的考试.点击这里


你准备好在制造业中提升自己的技能了吗? 这是一个灵活的、自定节奏的学习环境. 学生可选择以下一项或多项课程: 计算机数字,控制轧机G&M Code Basic, 手工铣削和制孔 工具介绍. Training will take place online and in our open-lab environment with guidance from our experienced instructors. .点击这里

ServSafe Manager认证

所有费用由我支付 training prepares student to take the ServSafe certification exam for managers. 主题包括:食物安全的重要性, 良好的个人卫生, 时间和温度控制, 防止交叉污染, 清洁和消毒, 安全食物制备, 接收和储存食物, 解冻方法, 烹饪, 冷却和加热食物, 危害分析和关键控制点, 食物安全规例, 和更多的. 课程的高潮是国家认证考试.点击这里


所有费用由我支付, 10-week accelerated training will provide you with 60-hours of training in preparation for the American 焊接 Society certification exam in select structural and pipe, 包括:药芯弧焊(FCAW)和屏蔽金属弧焊(SMAW). 学生将学习许多不同类型的焊接实践, 车间安全和金属加工技能. 学生将学习毕业后找到工作所需的技能.点击这里


  • 缅因州的居民
  • 高中毕业或同等学历
  • 培训开始前至少年满18岁


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