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Costs of Attending

We know a big question on your mind is, “How much will college cost?” But an even bigger question is, “How much will college cost me?” As a student, you will have both direct and indirect expenses. The information below details the costs you can expect.

Indirect Costs of Attending – These are costs that you may incur that are not necessarily charged by the college, and typically include living expenses such as housing and food, transportation costs, books and supplies, and personal/miscellaneous expenses.

Direct Costs of Attending – These are costs that are charged by the college that you will need to pay. Direct Costs typically include tuition and fees. It also includes room and board for students living in campus housing, and can include charges for books and supplies for students who used their aid to make purchases in the campus bookstore.

The Office of Student Financial Aid constructs modest estimated Cost of Attendance (COA) budgets based on federal guidelines that include each of these COA components. The Financial Aid COA budget below reflects an estimated modest average cost for a Maine resident attending York Community College full-time (30 credits) for the 9-month academic year for AY2023-24 (Fall and Spring semesters).

COA ComponentStudents Living
at Home with Parents
Student Living Off CampusStudent Living on Campus
Estimated Direct/Billable$3,866$3,866$3,866
Allowance for Books, Course Materials
Supplies & Equipment
Living Expense Allowance –
Housing & Food
Transportation Allowance $2,379$2,379$2,379
Personal/Miscellaneous Expenses$3,827$3,827$3,827
Total Annual COA Budget$17,495$28,986$22,662
*Based on estimated 30 credits of enrollment for a Maine resident

Please log into YCCC’s portal or contact the Financial Aid Office directly at for more information on YCCC’s COA budgets and to review your COA budget for the academic year.

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